We also look forward to providing the U.S.

the opportunity to enjoy delicious tuna from the Cape Verde Islands. We have partnered with fishing vessels fishing off the coast of Africa and will be importing jarred tuna to provide our customers with not only the freshest seafood from our home port of New Bedford and other surrounding ports, but also quality seafood from abroad. To learn more about this unique product check out our jarred seafood page! 


   Orders may be placed either via email,

     phone or by filing out our quote form​  

  Please include in the quote details:

  1.  Type of species
  2.  Fresh or Frozen 
  3.  Amount, in pounds. 
  4.  Finish of the Product: ​                                          Whole, filleted or Add-on 
  5.  Delivery Date 
  6.  Shipping Location 
  7.  Payment Method 


        How to ORDER 

           At Bela Flor Seafood Brokerage, LLC.,

 our goal is to provide fresh, quality seafood

 to our customers. 

           Currently we provide a wide

array of seafood   to our customers here in New Bedford, as well as down the Northeast coast, and Canada. We work closely with BASE New England,

located in New Bedford to be certain the

catch of the day is offloaded and delivered

instantly. To read more about the seafood auction, check out www.baseseafood.com. 

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